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We're a family of four living in Ohio.

Dad is a middle/high school history teacher, football coach and all around fun guy.

Mom is a TV news producer who is still waiting for the miracle pill that will make her skinny again.

Mason is a seven year old with boundless energy, a tender heart and a love of football, baseball, his bike, 'Drake and Josh,' 'Zach and Cody' PB&J sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies.

Emma is a three year old independent spirit who likes to laugh, climb and explore. She loves the Disney princesses, Elmo, playing dress-up and anything chocolate.

We also have a dog, Riley, who has been with us since we were newlyweds - more than 10 years! She's a white boxer who hasn't changed much at all since the day we brought her home.

Its a pretty good life....all we're missing is the picket fence!