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February 24, 2010



Tammy, I love your site. We have music on ours and I love your tune picks. :) Erin


music is good :) oh! love this one playing now... somewhere over the rainbow... in the coolest version ever!!


I don't hear the music when I'm on your blog (and yes the speakers are on!).


Jen Jones

sorry, I'll be honest...I really dislike people who have music that automatically plays on their blogs. It comes on and scares me (usually because my speakers are turned all the way up). That being said...I would never, never, never EVER pass up the opportunity to listen to Kenny Rogers' sweet voice. He is my all time #1 favorite singer and if all you had was Kenny on here..I'd be 100% for the music! :-) But he's the only one.
What I'm trying to say is...for me...I like the quiet better! :-)

Jen Jones

and I didn't mean I dislike PEOPLE who have music on their blogs...I meant I dislike it when blogs have music. I tend to read them less...

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